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High Disperse Silica

Precipitated Silica / Silicon Dioxide / Silica

Precipitated silica is an essential raw material in environmentally friendly tires and rubber products, as it can improve both physical and chemical properties. Different types of silica is used according to the various formulations of rubber and tires in order to guarantee the expected performance.

As an active filler, silica replaces carbon black reinforcement traits on rubber products, which improves the mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, and thermal properties for rubber and oil resistant rubber products. It also improves the tensile strength, tear strength and the flexibility of rubber products and tires. Different rubber and tire compounds should use different silica types depending on the expected performance.

The 13XX series is a high disperse silica for the rubber and tire industry, which increases the absorption and improves the physical properties.

There are three different forms: powder, micro-earl, and granular. The forms should be chosen based on different formulation needs. The fluctuation value of the BET can also be controlled to be less than 10.


Silica product SiO2 (w%) N2 (BET-5) Surface Area (m2/g) Fe (ppm) pH
ZJ-1333 92 105-155 500 6.0-6.8
ZJ-1355 92 155-170 500 6.0-6.8
ZJ-1375 92 170-190 500 6.0-6.8
ZJ-1395 92 190-220 500 6.0-6.8
Silica product ZJ-1333 ZJ-1355 /1375 ZJ-1395
Processing 4 3 2
 Rolling resistance 4 3 4
 Control 2 3 4
 Wear-resistance 2 3 5
 Dry grab 2 3 3
 Wet grab 4 3 2
 Ice grab 4 3 1

The precipitated silica should be stored in a ventilated, dry, cool place, avoiding direct sunlight, moisture and fire. Do not mix the silica with other materials. The storage temperature should be less than 40°C.

The warranty period is 12 months (from the date of manufacturing). After 12 months, a redetermination of the moisture content of the silicate product should be carried out. In order to use the product, all data must comply with requirements and health indicators. We do not recommend using the silicon dioxide product outside of the warranty period.

Standard packing includes small bags, paper bags, cartons, and flexible, intermediate bulk containers (FBICs) in order to meet specific customer requirements.

Packaging can also be customized according to client needs in terms of material, form and size.


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