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Silica for Animal Feed

Animal Feed Silica / Precipitated Silica / Silicon Dioxide

General Description
As a feed additive, the main applications of silica include a carrier, free flow agents, anti-caking agent, diluents, thickeners, anti-static and pH adjustment.

The low moisture content and chemical stability ensure that all applications are non-perishable, and its great particle size, as well as its mobility and non-conductive properties can increase the product fluidity and anti-caking properties.

Our factory has adjusted the pore volume of the silica for different applications, such as preventing the growth of microorganisms in storage, in order to ensure the feed will not mildew and mold.

The animal feed silicate contains very minimal traces of potentially harmful elements, ensuring the feed is fully compliant with international specifications and requirements for food additives, because we strictly control all raw materials.


Silica product SiO2 DBP Oil Absorption (mL/100g) pH Bulk Density (g/cm3) General Use Recommendations
ZJ-516 ≥96 2.2-2.8 6.0-8.0 0.22-0.25 powdered silicate specifically used for acid addition, flavoring agents, molasses, and dry chemical pesticides
ZJ-517 ≥96 1.8-2.6 6.0-8.0 0.22-0.26 micro-pearl non-dusting form. high flow carrier for vitamin oil, organic oil and lecithin. recommend using it in mixing equipment with a smaller shear stress
ZJ-518 ≥96 1.8-2.6 6.0-8.0 0.25-0.30 micro-pearl non-dusting form. high flow carrier for vitamin oil, organic oil and lecithin. recommend using it in mixing equipment with strong shear stress
ZJ-519 ≥96 2.4-3.2 6.0-8.0 0.16-0.24 outstanding absorption properties and high particle strength ideal for use as a carrier in compound premixes, minerals, ethoxyquin, propionic acid, chlortetracycline and more
ZJ-520 ≥96 2.4-2.9 6.0-8.0 0.18-0.24 excellent absorption and superb stability as a carrier for choline chloride, and nearly any mineral or micro-element can also adjust the pH value in order to produce the best effects

The feed silicate should be stored in a ventilated, dry and cool space, away from direct sunlight, moisture and flames. It should not be mixed with other materials, and should be stored at less than 40°C.

The warranty period is 12 months, from the date of manufacturing. After 12 months, a re-determination of the moisture content should be done. To ensure it is safe to use, all data must be in compliance with health standards, though we do not recommend using the precipitated animal feed silica outside the warranty period, regardless.

Standard packaging includes small bags, paper bags, cartons, or flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) in order to meet specific customer needs.


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