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As production costs increase for different products, manufacturers have turned to making products with multiple uses, such as precipitated silica (also known as silicon dioxide) to drive prices back down. Established in 2010, Fujian Sanming Zhengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese manufacturer of precipitated silica. We provide a wide array of high quality silica products, all backed by a strong research team and professional service dedicated to meeting specific customer demands. With an emphasis on product development and improvement, we strive to meet our goal of giving our customers the best economic value.

Our annual production capacity of silicon dioxide reaches 60,000 tons, serving a diverse market for rubber, tires, animal feed, silicon gels, and coatings. We also produce a capacity of 180,000 tons of precipitated silica’s raw material, sodium silicate, ensuring the stability and quality of our products. In 2015, our staff of more than 240 employees generated a sales volume of 288 million RMB, with 25 % of those outside of China, demonstrating our strength on a global scale.

Benefitting from research and development, we are primarily focused on the 5 following application areas:

High Disperse Silica
As tires need to be safer and more environmentally friendly, the rolling resistance needs to be lowered, and tire handling and traction need to be improved.

Silica for Tires, Industrial Rubber and Footwear
This silica is especially known as a reinforcement of rubber compounds, offering a great reinforcement, high transparency and excellent consistency.

Silica for Animal Nutrition
The excellent flow rate, coupled with an excellent absorption capacity facilitates storage and transport to mixer tanks to make animal feed pre-mixes.

Silica for Silicon Rubber
We are dedicated to reducing costs and process inefficiencies for silicon rubber compounders with an outstanding compression set resistance, exceptional heat aging resistance, reinforcing strength and other great mechanical properties.

Silica for Coating
Coating silicas are mainly used as a dispersant, anti-depressant, or matting agent in order to improve the abrasion resistance, glossiness and stability.

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Daniel Dai
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