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    1. High Disperse Silica

      The 13XX series is a high disperse silica for the rubber and tire industry, which increases the absorption and improves the physical properties. There are three different forms: powder, micro-earl, and granular.

    1. Precipitated Silica for Animal Nutrition

      As a feed additive, the main applications of silica include a carrier, free flow agents, anti-caking agent, diluents, thickeners, anti-static and pH adjustment.

    1. Precipitated Silica for Silicon Rubber

      In silicon rubber, the silica is primarily used in translucent, transparent, common high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and other general rubber products, as well as rubber seal product, sealants, and plastic fillers.

    1. Precipitated Silica for Coatings

      In coatings, silica is widely used as a dispersant, anti-depressant, and matting agent. It also improves abrasion resistance, glossiness and stability.

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