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Production Workshop

We use high purity quartz sand (purity of more than 99%) and high quality soda ash and sulfuric acid as raw materials. Our production process includes equipment for water treatment, as well as large air filters to ensure the final quality of the sodium silicate and silica.

Advanced, fully automatic equipment, and a technical team with more than 30 years of experience in the silica field ensure we can carry out an efficient and stable production process.

  1. 1. soda ash
  2. 2. quartz sand
  3. 3. mixing
  4. 4. kiln
  5. 5. shrend
  6. 6. filtered water
  7. 7. dissolving
  8. 8. confecting & filtering
  9. 9. NG
  10. 10. QC
  11. 11. pass
  12. 12. storage sodium silicate
  13. 13. fine add
  14. 14. sulphuric acid
  15. 15. reactor
  16. 16. filter press
  17. 17. slurry pumping
  18. 18. filtered hot air
  19. 19. drying
  20. 20. QC
  21. 21. compacter
  22. 22. classifier
  23. 23. powder
  24. 24. granular
  25. 25. micro-pearl
  26. 26. package

High Quality Raw Materials
1. More than 99% purity of quartz sand and high quality soda ash ensures the stable and outstanding features of the sodium silicate (also known as water glass). Sodium silicate is also the raw material for precipitated silica.
2 The water, which is essential to the entire reaction process, is processed through a large water treatment system, ensuring the purity of the precipitated silica.

  • Purity quartz sand

  • Sodium silicate

Advanced, Automatic Equipment
1. The entire set of advanced, automatic equipment also ensures the stable qualities of the precipitated silica.
2. Our standardization management team also ensures the efficiency of the production process.

Technicians with more than 30 years of experience
Each technologist in the R&D center has a minimum of 30 years of experience.

Quality Control Center
Our fully equipped quality control center is capable of carrying out raw material and silicon dioxide testing, which ensures the stable and safe quality of our entire product line. Zhengyuan uses automatic control in the manufacturing plants, and follows strict quality standards and testing methods established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These rigid quality standards ensure that our products consistently meet specified values for surface area, moisture, pH content, and other critical manufacturing specifications, as long as they are properly stored and handled.

  • pH, heavy metal content, sulfate content test.

  • The sample room: here we reserve samples of the product according to lot numbers

  • pH, heavy metal content, sulfate content test.

  • pH, heavy metal content, sulfate content test.

  • Spectral analysis, particle size measurement, and tests of specific surface areas.

Physical Laboratory
The fully equipped physics laboratory utilizes the latest technology for customer service and product innovation. Physical properties of the rubber will be tested using comprehensive analytical methods, which are in full compliance with ASTM standards, including measuring the tensile strength, modulus 500% pa and elongation.

  • Physics Laboratory

  • Production of rubber samples using our own formula and the customer’s formula

  • Equipment to test Mooney viscosity, scorch, & curing.

  • Tensile, trouser tear, elongation strength test

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